I don’t know about you but I usually follow the 80\20 rule when it comes to my food and weight loss. 80% of the time I’m right on track eating all the healthy, whole, nutritions things and 20% of the time I’m savage eating all the salty crunchy and sugar filled things!

Unfortunately during the holidays it can be much harder to stay on track and sometimes the numbers are flipped.  When cookies and candy canes become your 80% and that measly 20% keeps dwindling down less and less as the big day gets closer.

I need a plan and today I am going to share with you what my MINDFUL EATING plan is and offer a few tips to stay the course during this time of the year when food is the main priority and all the goodies are being thrown at you from every angle.



When your heading into the countdown to Christmas figuring out what your goal is for your weight loss goals is key to being successful.  If you don’t know what your aiming for then you won’t know what you need to do to get there.  There are 3 main goals associated with weight loss to aim for: lose weight, maintain weight, or gain a controlled amount of weight.

Now you may say OMG gain weight why would that be my goal?! Well because sometimes when we are on a journey of weight loss we need the allowance of a controlled gain to get us through an already tough time. Or maybe we really just want to enjoy ourselves and indulge and not worry about it. Either way, know your goal, keep it in mind so that in that week before the big day you can plan in advance and eat accordingly.

My goal is hopefully lose 1lb over the week before and after Christmas (Dec 18th-24 and Dec. 25th-31st join my #4weeksontrack Challenge for some extra support over those 2 weeks) now with that being said I won’t be mad if I maintain either.  I have a very all or nothing thinking style so having a bit of flexibility in my goal is a good thing for me.


Having an idea of what your going to do heading into the holiday’s is probably a good idea and put MINDFUL EATING on the forefront. Jot it down on a scrap of paper, make a note in your phone, proclaim it on instagram, use some cute planner pages, just do what works for you and make a plan.

I personally do Weight Watchers and pre-plan my food the day before in my app.  I also plan my dinners out every week and make sure I make point friendly meals.  I also have a general plan made for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day using my Holiday Planner Pages. I’m going to try and keep my breakfasts and lunches fairly regular and low point so that I can indulge in a higher point dinner.

Also not shown on the plan is the treats I plan on consuming.  I am making chocolate peanut butter rice crispies this year and that will be my only “baking” item I do this year.  Generally I would bake all sorts of goodies going into Christmas but this year I decided to only make one batch of something and I will be doing that on Christmas Eve.

We do jingle jammie presents every year and open it on Christmas Eve and this present includes some chocolate and hot chocolate so that will be consumed.

One last thing that I planned differently this year is usually we all get a box of our favourite chocolates to indulge on Christmas Day.  Instead we bought one box of chocolate/cookies that we can all share so that we hopefully have a bit less.


This is a good tip anytime but more importantly during this time of year.  I always say that it could be a lot worse if I didn’t track. Wether its points, calories, macro’s or whatever else you track keeping this routine even though you will be indulging will help you stay mindful and in control. I have a FREE tracker here you can download if you need one!

I know for myself when I don’t track it gives me permission to go off the deep end and I will consume SO MUCH MORE than if I was tracking.  Don’t get me wrong  I will still be indulging and not really limiting myself (I will be being MINDUL of my EATING) but if I don’t track -200 weeklies can easily become -500 weeklies really fast and that’s just a disaster and a weight gain I do not want.

So although you may think tracking during the holidays will cramp your style, just be mindful that may be your inner rebellion telling you stories that may not be true.


I know we would all much rather drink hot cocoa, eggnog and coffee with baileys but it is SO IMPORTANT to drink your water during times of planned indulgences.  Eating and drinking food that we normally don’t can wreak havoc on your guts and drinking water will help flush out some of the salt, sugar, alcohol and other junk we may be ingesting during this time.

Aim to drink plain water as much as possible but if you want to be fancy try soda water with lemon, lime or cranberry juice to spice things up.


Enjoy yourself but be be mindful how much your consuming in drinks. These are empty calories and reduce your inhibitions, so you know the munchies often ensue a few adult beverages. Stay in control, be safe and have fun.

There are many more things that you can do to stay MINDFUL of your EATING over the holidays, but I think these are my top 4.  I can honestly say I have most of this already set up and ready to go so I feel very prepared for this holiday season.

How about you? Do you have any tips to add? Have you made a plan for your weight loss goals this holiday season? Let me know in the comments below.

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