With New Years fast approaching I have been trying to sort out how I want to do resolutions or if I even want to do them this year.

I decided that instead of a resolution I want to do goals.  I think I work better with strategic goals, that include timelines and specifics.

So I made this free MONTHLY GOAL SETTING planner sheet with various sections to help me touch base on all my life areas to make goals in.

I may not use every section every month. I may just focus on one or 2 sections but this will give me space and prompts to do it in.

I was talking to my mom and she said in Kundalini Yoga (she is a yoga instructor for those that don’t know) that it takes 40 days to start a habit, another 40 days to make that habit consistent and then another 40 days to make that habit a lifestyle so that you don’t even think about it and it just becomes automatic.

I think I will use this school of thought and make a 4 month resolution to do the same goals every month progressing them to permanence in my life.

I will transfer the same goals over month to month and track my progress on how well I am achieving them.

The wheel at the bottom of the free MONTHLY GOAL SETTING planner sheet is where you can track how well, out of 10, that you have been doing that month.

As long as there is a progress the hope for myself will be to have a score of 8-10 out of 10 by April. Then I can start a new set of goals in May.

You can adapt this sheet however you want to use it.  Let me know how you plan to make your goals/resolutions this year!



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