Its only 36 days until Christmas!

Insert frantic list making and gift planning.

I usually don’t get into Holiday mode until after November 17th because that is the big dudes Birthday! He TURNED the big 16 and I can’t hardly believe that many years has past in such a short amount of time.

I know some people are already decorating and baking for the seasonal holidays but for me I never put Christmas up until after his birthday and it comes down before mine (January 2) Ugh I hate having Christmas all up in my birthday – its harder for mine than it is for the big dude but I always make sure they are separate occasions.

ANYWAYS…..enough yammering on about birthdays

In light of my realization that the Holiday season is upon us I wanted to make my holiday shopping and giving just a tad more organized this year and decided to make a couple of Holiday Planner sheets.  Nothing too extravagant but enough to help my head not pop off when I’m trying to make sure everyone gets what they want and all gifts are accounted for.


These 3 sheets will help me tonnes and hopefully help you too! So that’s why I’m giving them away for FREE!

Why not share in the season of giving the gift of organization.  Ok that was lame but whatever you get a free holiday planner out of the deal lol

  • The gift planner has space for gift ideas, what your budget it and space to check of if it was purchased, wrapped and delivered.

For me I have to keep track of delivery because the twin dudes and lots of my family are out of town so we either mail them or send them with other people traveling that way.

  • The online gift log has space for who the gift is for, the website/company where it was purchased, the item ordered, the purchase amount and the confirmation number.

In this day and age I think most of us do a fair amount of online shopping.  Keeping track of all those purchase is huge for me!

  • The holiday sale tracker has space for the store name, who the gift is for, the item, sale date, and cost.

This is going to be handy for all the black friday sales and pretty much any sale that will help me save money in this shop till you drop season.

So enjoy this free Letter Size 8.5″ x 11″ – Perfect for 3 Ring Binders, Arc Notebooks and Discbound Inserts, Daytimer Folio, Franklin Covey Monarch, etc. – holiday planner and let me know in the comments below if you like them 🙂


If you want the COMPLETE HOLIDAY PLANNER that comes with 12 useful sheets and 4 sizes available


Check it out, you can see all the pages included in this planner HERE

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