Free Trellis Patterns Digital Paper

The snow here seriously needs to ‘eff’ off! I CAN’T TAKE IT! (wraps head in blanket like a babushka and scowls out the window)

I was at Target last night (Canadian target you know the one that is shutting down only after being in business for like a blink of an eye) BOO.

Anyways I was looking at the “discounted” (I use this term loosely as I find that the old sales were better then the so called going out of business deals they have now) <—end of rant.

I was looking at gardening items like gloves, trellises and those cute hanging baskets and had a brilliant idea to design some Free Trellis Patterns Digital Paper.

If I can’t have a trellis in real life yet then I shall design some patterns to envision what my come in the spring.

Do you garden? Do you even use a trellis? I have one in the back that my ivy grows on.

I’m kind of ranting now, whoops!

So here you go.  Enjoy the Free Trellis Patterns Digital Paper pack.

6 – 12″ x 12″ 300ppi .jpg files for scrapbooking, cards, invitations, printables and more – instant download – CU OK


 Download HERE

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  1. Susie Young says:

    Thank you for these beautiful papers. Spring is my favorite season and your papers certainly give you a feel of newly grown grass and vines and springtime flowers with the gorgeous green and brown color palette.

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