Hey lovelies!

Its been forever since I have been on here I have been so busy avoiding work and being in a creative slump.

Ugh when your creative for work and your in a slump its the worst. Like nothing feels right.

In an effort ease some of my life stress and become more positive I have given myself over to a cult an exercise program.

I found the bikini body guide by Kayla Itsines in January 2016.  I bought the program then proceeded to never do it. Although I continued to follow women on Instagram that where doing it with great success.bikini body guide

So at the end of February this year I was struggling with body image. After losing 35 lbs my body still didn’t look like I wanted it to. I was frustrated, annoyed and my weight loss had stalled.

I made a promise to myself to start the program on March 20th and that is exactly what I did!

I don’t even know where to start with this program. From the supportive to community to the endless inspiration on Instagram I can’t get enough of this cult this bikini body guide program.

I am only starting my 4th week now and the workouts are HARD! Like lie on the floor, kind of feel pukey, sweat dripping everywhere kind of hard.

Here is a sample of things you would do during a 28 minute circuit.

bikini body guide

In this short 3 weeks I have completed I already feel more accomplished, mentally stronger and maybe a tad physically stronger too.  To be able to push through a workout that is harder than labour than anything I have done before is totally gratifying.

The great thing about it is that if I feel lazy, or just uninspired to workout all I have to do is go to Instagram and type in one of the many hashtags that #kylasarmy has to share their experiences #bbg #deathbykyla

You can even go on and punch in the week you are on #bbgweek4 and find other women just like yourself and make connections and cheer each other on while doing the bikini body guide.

I can’t say enough good things about the bikini body guide program so far.

I can workout from home.

I don’t need really any equipment.

It only takes 28 minutes 2-3x a week.

I get to walk on the low impact steady state (LISS) days.

I could go on but you get my drift. I LOVE it.

She also supplies and eating program with it but I am still doing Weight Watchers and that is going good so far so why mess with something thats not broken.

So with all that I know that when a woman starts a resistance training program sometimes the scale doesn’t move.  You can be replacing fat with muscle and changing your body composition but that does not reflect on the scale.

With that being said I have always tracked my measurements but for this program I wanted to track more areas than I usually do so that I have a clear view of my progress.

So I made this cute 6 month measurement chart and I wanted to share it all with you. | measurement log | bikini body guide


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