Some of you already know that I am currently doing weight watchers.

I am so happy to say that in 31 weeks I have lost 30.4 lbs!

I am thrilled with this progress and all the changes I have made over the past 7+ months.  My progress hasn’t been as fast as I had liked but slow and steady wins the race is what I keep telling myself!

With only 16 more days in this year I am focused on making it through this holiday season at a minimum maintaining my weight and if I lose then great!

Normally at this time of year it has already begun with holiday baking, cookies and treats every night leading up to christmas eve.  Having a decadent meal that night, then a special hearty breakfast on christmas day, followed by pecking all day at odds and ends of food and goodies, then having a huge feast!

The eating doesn’t end there though there is a whole holiday week that proceeds this with extra eating out and treats and chocolates.

Then comes new years! oh the drinking and eating and celebrating!

Just 2 days later on January 2nd is my birthday and you better believe that I go big or go home! Homemade lasagna and cake! yes please!

Whew I’m feeling overstuffed just reading all that!

This year I do plan on indulging but not like years past.  I will NOT be tracking my food on christmas day but every day up to that and after that will be right on track.

I also plan on allowing myself 1 box of chocolates to eat. I bought myself my favourite kind and wrapped it all pretty and put it under the tree and that will be my one christmas goodie.

Now that I’ve yammered on about all that lets get to the good stuff….New Years!

I’m not a fan of resolutions and I’m already on this journey but I did want a plan that would take me smoothly into the new year.

In comes the 10 BY 10 CHALLENGE



I’m a slow loser.

A weight loss loser that is.

I am a .5 here a .3 there maybe a .7 an occasional 1.2

So I made this plan with my fellow turtles in mind!

It averages 10lbs lost in 10 weeks and I have added in weekly challenges with hashtags so we can all play along!

You can use the hashtags on connect if you’re a weight watchers Canada member or you can use them on Instagram. Follow my business page HERE

Come play along with me! and comment below of you what your plan for healthy eating is over the holidays!

Gimmie some love & let me know what you think!