Ok guys shit is getting real over here!

November has been by far my hardest month trying to maintain my weight.  This is my 6th month on maintenance and by now I would have normally eaten myself into oblivion and been waist deep in a tonne of goodies.

To be honest it isn’t the worst but it really isn’t the best.  I am up +6.7 lbs this month and it must come to a stop now!

Last year I was in losing mode and was able to control myself in the month of December and I’m hopeful by making this challenge and surrounding myself will all my weight watchers friends both online and in real life I can make it through this tough time and get back on track.

So who is with me!!??

Rules are simple….lose weight lol

Just kidding…ok not really all kidding.

The next 4 weeks the challenge will be to lose weight despite all the hustle bustle and eating we have facing us.

I also have weekly challenges that we can do to try and keep our heads in the game and our eating in check.

All you need to do is download this cute challenge sheet I designed and work your plan.

You don’t need to be on weight watchers you just need to be doing something to lose weight and be healthy.

I added in a little section for a positive affirmation and a reward at the end of the month to celebrate all the success I know we will have doing this together!

Ok I have also added in hashtags….so use them and we can all connect…on connect and on instagram.

If you follow me on connect…come follow me on instagram and vice versa my handle on connect (in canada) is krazeedaisey

ok so go ahead and DOWNLOAD HERE

Leave a comment below to let me know your joining in and your social media handle so I can follow you too!


  1. Jane Bosman says:

    I hit the download here button and all I got was a lot of numbers/letters/symbols. Not sure why? However, I would love to join your challenge. Enough of falling off the wagon…I need to run beside it and get back on track! December is not going to defeat me.

Gimmie some love & let me know what you think!