Today was the last meeting before Christmas at my Weight Watchers group.

I love my weekly group they are so much fun and so inspiring.

My favourite part of my weight watchers meeting is my amazing leader! She is kind, genuine, encouraging and totally hilarious! She brings the fun into a process that can be tedious and overwhelming at times.  She is always there to put a spin on things in a positive way and make you think about the process of losing weight in a way that you may not have before. She is a huge part of my success on this program and I can honestly say this amazing inspirational woman is my friend and now my rap partner lol

After getting to know me for 8+ months in came up in conversation how I met my husband (through hip hop and music) and I disclosed that I used to rap for fun.

Well she was on me after that trying to get me to do a rhyme here and there lol

So I finally agree and we worked for about 3 weeks on our performance.

I wrote the rap and she wrote her introduction.

We practiced a few times on the phone then the day before we practiced in person and ran though it a bunch of times.

I just had to share our song about all the things we love about the program, introduced by my good friend Sarah aka DJ Sarah-J, performed by Lil Leesha and DJ Snazzy Ace!

Enjoy and Happy Holidays


Gimmie some love & let me know what you think!