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As a Mama I know cleaning can be a total waste of time hard to do when all the kids seem like they are following around behind you strategically messing up everything you just cleaned.  But each of us knows that if we didn’t at least attempt to get things tidy it would be a total pit of crumbs, laundry, assorted toys & books and who knows what else. <—- I actually DO know but I will NEVER tell!

Ok fine… there are gross week old dishes, spiderwebs living in corners for generations, hand prints on walls that are so old you could track the growth of my child…and so much MORE!

Moving on…

In my struggle to be a woman that doesn’t run around frantically when company is coming and stop ignoring the inch of dust on my baseboards.

I designed this CLEANING PLANNER to get me (and hopefully you) organized, using a plan, tracking progress and having a method to the cleaning madness!

CLEANING PLANNER lifebymom.com

I’m sure your all “OMG who needs that many sheets in a cleaning planner and why on earth…or better yet…WHEN will I find time to clean that much”

Don’t worry your pretty little head!

I designed these sheets with the frazzled Mama (and busy woman) in mind.

CLEANING PLANNER weekly claning plan & weekly family tasks lifebymom.com

The sheets above will get your family involved and that’s the first step that any frazzled Mama should do.  Why should we be the only ones worried about nasty bed sheets, sticky floors and whatever that is growing in the refrigerator!

These cleaning planner sheets will get you delegating weekly tasks to everyone.

They can run, they can hide but they won’t escape the family task chart!

Ok I can’t guarantee they won’t escape but at least you can put it on paper and cross your fingers.CLEANINGN PLANNER detailed homecare lists & yearly cleaning chart lifebymom.com

These detailed cleaning charts are an integral part of the cleaning planner.

Take a breath, they ARE meant to keep you on track AREN’T meant to overwhelm – so get started where you are, do what you can, and then move on.

Every week a new area of your home is targeted.  So just do the task, check it off and clap your hands that your one more step in the right direction.

NO dwelling allowed on what you didn’t do….ONLY happy thoughts about what you did accomplish!

CLEANING PLANNER seasonal checklists lifebymom.com

This last set is for all those nitty-gritty seasonal tasks that involve the inside & outside of your house, yard, car and more.

Not my favorite, well to be honest none of these cleaning tasks are my favorite but with a plan it seems more manageable.

So lets get cleaning!!

You can get my cleaning planner and more on MY ETSY SHOP!