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Sometimes I get into a really good artsy fartsy mood and create gold!

In this case it was toenail art gold.

In the form of a palm tree toenail art design.

If you haven’t noticed yet I love rainbow colour scheme, another thing I love is the beach.  Getting in the mood for some beach weather I figured it was time to get my toenails in order and make them cute beach toenails.

This cute toenail design was fairly easy, after making the base I took my striper brush and made 5 short strokes for the palm branches and then filled in each line with shorter strokes flicking outward to mimic the palm leaves.

I think overall this design on my toenails turned out cute, I would probably try and make the palm leaves less full next time to mimic a real life palm tree but for my first go I am pleased with my results.


LIFEBYMOM.COM | palm tree toenail design

What do you think? Is this PALM TREE TOENAIL ART DESIGN beach worthy? What kind of beach designs for toenails do you like?