Ok so who washes their hair? Raise your hand….

I hope everyone had a hand up.

Now who really pays attention to the shampoo & conditioner they use?

My hand is only half way up…until now!

Live Clean Shampoo Conditioner in exotic nectar-argan oil is worth a try!

Live Clean‘s about section states:

Go green without compromising performance with live clean. When you choose eco-friendly products, you are making a healthier choice for yourself and our environment.

(Proudly Canadian)

I seen them on store shelves before and never tried them …well lets be honest it’s because I’m cheap it’s kind of pricey for my blood.  I had taken the time to look at them, read the packaging and smell all the fabulous products.  I was just waiting for the perfect time when I found a killer sale and coupon.  I ended up purchasing Live Clean Shampoo Conditioner and some lotions from their live clean baby line (no babies in this house but we all have sensitive skin)

DAMN….why didn’t I buy more when I had the chance!!??

Live Clean Shampoo Conditioner in exotic nectar-argan oil

I am using the Live Clean Shampoo Conditioner in exotic nectar-argan oil. You can find this stuff at almost any shopping/grocery store in the shampoo section, I bought mine at Zehrs.

Here is a handy table to find out where to buy it in Ontario (you can find your region here)

I ended up paying around $6 for 2 bottles which is GREAT since it’s usually +$6 for just one bottle.

Live Clean claims that:

  • the Live Clean shampoo gently cleanses while restoring natural shine and lustre.
  • the Live Clean conditioner hydrates and nourishes without adding any excess weight.
  • Enriched with 100% pure Argan Oil and certified organic grape seed and olive oils for enhanced long term conditioning, shine and UV protection.
  • with certified organic botanicals, petroleum free, paraben free, phthalate free, phospate free, pure vegan, never tested on animals, package recyclable, biodegradable ingredients.

First lets just get this out of the way ….the Live Clean Shampoo Conditioner totally rocks my world!
Seriously when I wash my hair with the Live Clean Shampoo it already feels conditioned.  I know I will still have to condition because I have crazy monster hair that sucks up the moister, but still.

The shampoo is delightful and smells super yummy! It truly does restore my hair and makes it silky and soft.

Oh and the lather is fantastic!

Now the Live Clean conditioner is just the icing on the cake.  It compliments what the Live Clean shampoo has already done and gives that extra added moisture with very little residue left.  That is one thing that I often find with other conditioners but this one just rinses clean leaving my hair soft and hydrated.

I’m guessing that the natural grapeseed/olive oils in both the Live Clean Shampoo Conditioner are what really makes my hair feel so silky and nourished.   When I lather up and condition I have never felt my hair this way with any other products.

As for the last claim I had to read up on what some of those things are because I didn’t even know that many of my other product had them in it!

Live Clean has a very comprehensive information page featuring all the different claims they have on their products and their definitions so it’s worth a read to find out what they are doing for our environment and your hair.

Live Clean Shampoo Conditioner in exotic nectar-argan oil

At the end of the day I absolutely LOVE both Live Clean Shampoo Conditioner in exotic nectar-argan oil.  These 2 products work and I really look forward to trying more of them.  I have been eyeing up their pink fire colour protect collection products, the apple cider clarifying collection products and any of their Live Clean Fresh Face Products.
Have you used any of the Live Clean Shampoo Conditioner? What do you think?


  1. Ashley Hanna says:

    Thank you so much for your review of the Live Free shampoo and conditioner. I just bought it to try out and youve made me totally excited to try it. 🙂

  2. Yolande Prud homme says:

    Even hairdressers ask me what I use my hair is that soft and silky. Converted one hairdresser that is now using it on her own hair. Never had such results with other brands. I love all Live Clean products, hardly purchase anything else and well worth the price.

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