garnier ultra-lift challenge: preliminary product review by a canadian mom

Last week I received a packet in the mail from Garnier for their Ultra-Lift Challenge.  It’s a wonderful little set up that you receive including instructions, wrinkle ruler, the sample packets of product and a coupon.

Garnier Ultra Lift Day Cream states:

This special cream, created specifically to improve firmness and target the appearance of wrinkles or dryness. Its moisturizing formula includes Pro-Retinol from nature, a breakthrough in anti-aging care, to effectively lift the look of wrinkles, without any harsh side effects! Non-greasy, it’s an ideal base for makeup.

As a person in my early 30’s I didn’t want to even place that stupid wrinkle ruler up to my eye and face the resulting level of wrinkles that my be lurking around.

Thank the gods that I am only at a level 1! woot woot the start of the wrinkle spectrum but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t start using lotions and potions to prevent any more wrinkles from making their way onto my skin. Right!?

One thing I do notice  is that when I smile I have a heck of a lot more laugh lines, crows feet, wrinkles…whatever you want to call them.  The package didn’t really specify if you should measure smiling or not but on the front of the package it shows the lady smiling and on the pictures on the wrinkle ruler you cant tell.  Since I didn’t know if I should measure when relaxed or smiling…I’m guessing the relaxed match up is the right one of the two.  Mainly because the none smiling one I have way less wrinkles.  I will however compare both after the 28 days.

I have never really been in the market for an anti-wrinkle cream before this so I don’t really know what I am looking for in this type of cream.

I have oily acne prone skin still at 31 years old (which totally sucks) so I know I need something that is non greasy and doesn’t clog my pores.  Especially one that is meant for the entire face not just the eye area.

With that being said I have used this cream for 2 days now and these are my first impression of this product.  The sample package comes with 14 packages of 1.5 ml in each.  Each package is meant to be used for 2 days there is quite enough in the package to cover my entire face for both days.

I like the consistency and smell of this product I find it goes on super smooth and leaves my skin feeling very nice for the whole day.

So far I have not noticed any difference as far as additional acne or anything like that but we will see after a couple of weeks how it is.  I do find its very moisturizing and I don’t think I will be using my regular daily moisturizer for the duration of the 28 days because I think it will be just way to much.

Another note is that my regular daily moisturizer has an SPF in it and so does the full size product you can buy at the store.  However these little samples don’t have SPF in them so I’m not sure how that will affect the cream in the full size bottle of Garnier Ultra-Lift Day Cream.  It actually quite bothers me that they wouldn’t give you the exact same cream that comes in the full size bottles because what if the SPF changes the texture or consistancy or changes the way it affects my skin in terms of causing acne or other things.  Just an observation.

I noticed so far that the trial cream goes on really smooth and lovely and I find it kind of works as a light primer for my makeup which is a great bonus!

That’s really all I can report on this cream so far but I will do a follow up in 26 days (November 26th will be my last application day) and let you know my final results okie.

Unfortunately you cannot order this full trial sampler anymore but you can download the wrinkle ruler and get a product coupon here if you want to try this on your own.

Do you use a wrinkle cream? or anti aging cream? How old where you when you started using these creams?



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  1. Serra says:

    Hi, I’m 33 and I’m actually going to start using retinol for anti ageing I also use vitamin C for dark spots and Dark circles, And vitamin E capsules with my regular moisturizer and I make a chickpea flour and rosewater mask regularly as a facewash

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