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HIYA!!  So glad you made it here to LIFE BY MOM

So you have clicked my about page…that means your curious about who I am and what this site is all about…

random bits ABOUT ME

I’m short…not like freakishly short but in terms of average-ness I am short…5’2 to be exact.

I love to read….from self-help to erotica….I read it all (don’t judge…erotica rules!)

I am a wonderful cook..according to me of course.  My guys may say otherwise when I dish up some of my concoctions.

I have been a vegetarian since 2007.

I swear like a sailor, or a truck driver…whichever swears more.

I dig health & fitness…I lost 40 lbs using weight watchers and now I workout regularly using the bikini body guide and orange theory fitness.

I am addicted to sneakers & heels…oh and purses.

I am a makeup junkie! I love learning new techniques, trying new products and just playing.

I ❤︎ graphic design & photography!



I have a 16 year old son he is my heart and soul and is the reason I strive to be a better person and mother.

I have 13 year old twin stepsons they melt my heart and teach me patience, understanding, tolerance and much more.

I have an amazing husband I refer to as “Mr. Wonderful”

We have been married for 6 years and together for 11 years.

He is the most understanding & patient man I know.

Always there to back me up and hold it down – my rock.


Life By Mom = THE BLOG

→ This blog is a place for me to babble…lol

→ Printables: I design & sell digital printable planners, art and more

→ DIY projects: I try to be crafty and share projects so you can do them too

→ Wellness: I love learning as much as I can about health, wellness, whole foods etc. and share that with you

→ Recipes: I cook stuff & make cool snacks that I share sometimes

→ Frugal Living: I share money saving tips, frugal life hacks

→ Beauty Stuffs: Sometimes I review cosmetics & make tutorials on beauty related things

 At the end of the day I pretend to be uber cool when really I’m a huge dork, who is mostly ridiculous and 90% of the time I make a complete fool of myself
…but at least I keep myself {and my family & friends} entertained.